Welcome to the musical sandbox of Karl von Karton.

World and Euro citizen. Eats Belgian waffles every day. Living in a coastal hamlet. Surfing water and clouds. Nature and concrete lover. Passionate about wind, water and music. Fictitiously unreal.

Born ages ago when house, techno and whatever step did not exist and the first oil crisis started to hit the world. It was the era of the cold war and "Johny goes to Hollywood". Being a teenager I discovered electronic music in very popular venues like Boccaccio (Destelbergen), La Rocca (Lier) or Balmoral (Gentbrugge)... You guessed it... it were crazy days!
My generation changed the music industry forever.

It took me ages to start making music myself, but now I do and I like to share this with the world. That's one of the reasons why you're reading this website... Another reason could be that you're looking for loops and samples. I will make loops available frequently, so check this site from time to time.

Yours musically,
Karl von Karton

Chicago, Detroit, Ibiza!
Never been there actually...
But why would I?
I'm from Belgium!
We have waffles and had new beat!